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House of Words - Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room was the first writing event held in the House of Words in LinguaMOO.

The Forbidden Room was inspired by the holidays of Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

To take a peek into the Forbidden Room, click on the link below. You will be able to read the writing and to see the images by doing this, but you will not be able to interact with the objects. In order to fully experience the Forbidden Room, with all of its sights and sounds and smells, you will have to visit LinguaMOO and explore. (See the bottom of this page for directions on visiting LinguaMOO.)

Open a window into the Forbidden Room.

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Visiting the Forbidden Room in the House of Words

The House of Words is located at LinguaMOO.

To visit the House of Words, go to the LinguaMOO login page at: http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000/

    User ID = Guest
    Password = [leave this field blank]
    Hit: Enter
    A new browser window will open.
    In the text box at the bottom of the left frame, type: @go House of Words
    The House of Words will appear in the right frame.
    Click on the link to the Forbidden Room in the right frame.
    Enjoy exploring from there!
    [For additional assistance while visiting LinguaMOO, type: help ]

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This page last updated on: 17 February 2003