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Boulevard des Desseins

The Boulevard des Desseins is a project dedicated to collaborative writing. It provides a supportive environment at LinguaMOO for writers, particularly those interested in collaborative writing online. Its four goals include:

1) the creation of a place where writers may meet and chat as well as discuss writing and develop collaborative writing projects;

2) the development of collaborative writing projects in LinguaMOO that invite the participation both of writers who are unfamiliar with MOOing and of MOOers who have not explored creative collaborative writing;

3) the creation of a resource base for creative writing in MOOs and for training writers to MOO;

4) the development and integration of collaborative writing projects across both webpages and a MOO environment, so that a) webpage-based projects can take advantage of the facilities of a MOO, and b) MOO writing projects can have a presence, a platform that will give them greater visibility on the Internet (outside of the specific MOO).

For questions, comments or further information about the Boulevard des Desseins, please contact: everdeen@writersjunction.net


Visiting the Boulevard des Desseins

The Boulevard des Desseins is located at LinguaMOO.

To visit the Boulevard des Desseins, go to the LinguaMOO login page at: http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000/

    User ID = Guest
    Password = [leave this field blank]
    Hit: Enter
    A new browser window will open.
    You will be in the Courtyard which will appear in the right frame.
    In the text box at the bottom of the left frame, type: @go Boulevard des Desseins
    The Boulevard des Desseins will appear in the right frame.
    Enjoy exploring from there!
    [For additional assistance while visiting LinguaMOO, type: help ]
The Boulevard des Desseins may also be reached from the Courtyard via the Collaboratory by clicking on the links in the right frame.



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This page last updated on: 2 April 2003